Build a Facebook Chatbot in 9 minutes

This short Facebook chatbot tutorial will help you to create your own messenger chatbot in just 9 minutes. Your chatbot will be hosted in Glitch (free) and we will use Facebook’s Messenger Platform quick start page as a template.

Step 1. Go to Glitch and click on “Remix This”

Go here and click on the “Remix This” button to create a new Glitch project.
Facebook Chatbot Tutorial


Step 2. Register as a Facebook Developer

Click here to open the Facebook for developers homepage, and follow their instructions to register your developer account.

Facebook Chatbot Tutorial


Step 3. Create a New Facebook App

Once you register your developer account, you should be able to create an app.

Step 4. Add Messenger to your Facebook App

Inside of your Facebook app dashboard click on “+ Add Product” button and add Messenger, and link it to your Facebook page (click here to create a new page if you don’t have an existing page).

Facebook Chatbot Tutorial

Step 5. Generate Your Page Access Token

We will use it in the next step.

Facebook Chatbot Tutorial

Step 6. Add Your Page Access Token to your Glitch script

Copy your “Page Access Token” from your facebook app and paste it into the .env file in your Glitch project that we created in Step 1.

Facebook Chatbot Tutorial

Step 7. Make your Glitch Project Private

By default your Glitch project will be visible to everyone. To make it private, click on the “Make Private” button from the “Advanced Options”.

Facebook Chatbot Tutorial

Step 8. Verify and Save your Webhooks

Get your URL from your Clitch dashboard, add /webhook in the end, and paste it in `Callback URL` input field. For the `Verify Token` input field, you can use any token (just make sure the New Page Subscription Verify Token matches Glitch VERIFY_TOKEN).

Facebook Chatbot Tutorial

Step 9. Subscribe your App to your Page

Facebook Chatbot Tutorial

Step 10. Connect Your Chatbot to a Google Sheet

Copy this Google Sheet and add your Google Sheet ID to your env. file in your Glitch project.
Facebook Chatbot Tutorial

Step 11. Test your Facebook ChatBot

Go to your Facebook page and chat with your bot. To customize your chatbot’s replies edit your Google Sheet from the Step 10.

If you have any questions related to this post, let me know in the comments below.